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CorpPass is a corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities (such as non-profit organisations and associations) to transact with Government agencies online. Managed by Government Technology Agency (GovTech), CorpPass is the single login method for G2B transactions from 1 September 2018. CorpPass also allows business owners greater control, with the flexibility of granting employees separate roles to access government digital services. CorpPass has also been made available to foreign registered entities and individuals without SingPass, to transact with certaingovernment agencies in Singapore.


If you have not set up your CorpPass account, please refer to the PDF ‘Setting Up CorpPass1     ’. Alternatively, you can refer to CorpPass website here for well-documented user guides.

Authorisation of Third Party Entity

After CorpPass registration, please refer to the PDF ‘Authorise and Manage Third Party Entity1’     (Slide 9 onwards). This will enable you to authorise a third party entity (e.g., tax agent) to access the e-services (e.g., Corporate Tax (Filing and Applications)) on your behalf. Please do let us know if you require assistance with the above. We can act as your company’s CorpPass admin, creating and managing user accounts and managing G2B Transcatons on your behalf.

1 These user guides are downloaded from the link here.

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