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Thank you for filling out your information!

We will get back in touch with you soon. Meanwhile, please email the documents listed below to

  1. For each Singapore director/shareholder – copy of Singapore NRIC (front and back)

  2. For each foreign director/shareholder – copy of passport, proof of foreign residential address

  3. In the event that the shareholder is a corporation, please provide the corporate shareholder’s registration documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incumbency, etc) and proof of registered address. If the shareholder of the corporate shareholder is in turn a corporation, please provide registration documents of corporate shareholder(s) as mentioned earlier until the individual beneficial owners are identified. For each corporate shareholder of the proposed company, please also provide details (name, passport number and residential address) of the corporate representative(s) together with written documents showing the authorisation given by the corporate shareholder(s) to the corporate representative(s)

  4. Non-English documents must be accompanied by an official English translation done by a certified translator, High Commission/Embassy or a notary public.

Have a great day!