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Fieldbeta Work Order Management Software


Fieldbeta is built for property managers and crews on the ground. It is great for facility, property, and safety managers. If your team is using WhatsApp, they will be able to use Fieldbeta.

Product Overview
Fieldbeta Tracker is a versatile property management tool build for property managers. It is built on a simple text messaging interface for issue tracking and communication with the ground crews. All your issues are tracked in a simple to use dashboard, so you will never miss an issue unattended.

Simple to use
With a simple text messaging interface like Whatsapp, the learning curve for the adoption of the software drops significantly especially for the crew members on the ground.

Always be in the know
With Fieldbeta Tracker, you can easily comment, answer questions, and mention relevant team members to keep the conversation moving and avoid bottlenecks.

Capture and assign issues
Never let a work item fall through the cracks with the ability to create, assign, transition, and prioritize issues with a single tap.

Real-time syncing
All the tasks created from the chat app itself are sync simultaneously across the web and mobile in real-time. So you never miss a task and there is no need for any double entry admin work.

Have a better picture of work remaining
Every question, issues or requests can live together in a single system. Property manager gets an overview of the situation on the ground with images and videos.

Crystal clear accountability
Issues and tasks can be assigned to respective ground crew. It’s always easy to know who did what and when.

Custom software integration
Unlike many softwares out there which are standalone, Fieldbeta Issues allow custom integration with MS Projects, SAP, Salesforce etc.

Price & Free trial:
Please email us today at for our updated prices and 30 days free trial!